Vietnam: North to South – Day 1

My first few days in Hanoi, Vietnam have been just amazing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, having only experienced a mostly negative portrayal of the region thru movies and of course the politics and horror that came from Vietnam War — they call it the “American War” here.

I’m here co-leading a photography tour with Ralph Velasco of And so far with only one full “tour day” under our belts, I feel like I’ve learned volumes about this wonderful country. I’ve met a ton of cool Vietnamese people, and each and every one of our multinational tour participants (hand selected) are just genuinely good people.

It’s very refreshing to be in such an amazing environment, taking great photos, eating amazing foods, and hanging out chatting about photography and life with my new friends.

As I write this blog post, it’s 6am here and I’m about to check out of the hotel to head to our next destination — a private 24hr cruise around Halong Bay!

More updates to follow…

  • Stefan Ludwig

    Thanks for sharing! An awesome way to do a travel blog! 🙂

  • Fantastic video Frederick. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Asia, but am yet to explore Vietnam. You’ve put it back on my list. Have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing more of your videos and photos.

  • Federico Chieli

    Have fun man!