TWiP Joshua Tree Weekend Workshop

On the weekend of Feb 19, 2010, This Week in Photography co-host Joseph Linaschke (the guy behind and myself conducted the first TWiP workshop – in Joshua Tee, CA. And what an amazing time it was.

The TWiP audience had been asking for something more intensive than the informal (though very fun) Meetups I’ve been running, and Joseph and I had been kicking around the idea of a “workshop done right” for a while. We had the option of creating a “safe” workshop… e.g. local (or major metro), one-day, low cost, etc., or going all out and doing it right.

We figured if we were going to do a photography workshop, especially the FIRST TWiP workshop, we should go all out — and doing it “right” meant pulling together an all-inclusive, multi-day event set in an amazing location with a professional model, make-up artist, video crew, sponsors, meals, etc.

Long story short… we did it right.

The workshop consisted of model lighting and posing demonstrations in a variety of amazing locations around Yucca Valley, CA. Over dinner after the first night of shooting, we reviewed some of the students images.

And day two was a demonstration Aperture 3 by Joseph, and Lightroom 2 (and Lightroom 3 Beta) by me. Followed by studio lighting technique training and model posing demonstrations.

At this workshop, every student got a chance to shoot and direct the model, and every student left the workshop with wonderful prizes, and some amazing portfolio shots.

Check out this incredible work from a few of the attendees…
My deepest gratitude to all of the students who came from far and wide to attend this event. And a very special thanks goes out to our beautiful and amazing model Latoya “Latti” Hawtorne, and our talented make-up artist Alma Anguiano. Video wizard Chris Fenwick created the amazing video you see above. Be sure to check out his blog, or hire him here.
And a HUGE bear hug to these companies who generously donated fantastic prizes to our students:
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On to the next one…
  • To put it bluntly, the inaugural TWiP workshop was a game changer…

    After following the the TWiP podcast with cultish fever since the first episode and attending as many of the local meetups as possible in the Bay Area, the opportunity to attend the first TWiP workshop was too good to pass up.

    When you have a day job the ability to dedicate yourself entirely to photography (even just for a weekend) can be limited. While it took a lot of effort and resource to attend the workshop, the reward from doing so was immeasurable.

    From the first moments it was immediately apparent how much work Joseph and Frederick had put into the planning and preparations of the workshop. After a fun first evening of conversation, burgers, beer, and prizes it was time to get a good night’s sleep for a long day of shooting. Waking up at 6am and packing all of your gear can be incredibly tough, but the experiences and lessons learned from that day are still being digested even weeks later.

    The two biggest takeaways from the workshop were accessibility and opportunity. Having the opportunity to shoot such an amazing model under such amazing conditions is something none of us would be able to setup on our own. The access to gear (thanks!) and instruction from world-class photographers in Joseph and Frederick was exponentially as impressive.

    As with any opportunity to learn you can only take away from the event as much as you put into it. The truly unique factor was how eager everyone at the workshop was to produce incredible shots. From Frederick & Joseph, to Latti (model) & Alma (makeup artist), to everyone involved at the workshop it was truly an event dedicated to growth photographically and beyond…

    If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for a workshop like TWiP Joshua Tree, do it and you won’t regret it


  • Rob vE

    Great video. Love the quick edit and whatever that trick is to start a shot with blur/outoffocus. Well done. Looks like a great weekend.

    Cheers fm Sydney, Australia

  • What”s up with the last three video podcasts? I cant view or listen to them on my ipod. Get a message that says “unsupported video format”

  • Ahhh Latoya!! Great model and followed her career from the beginning when we met in college at Iona College in NY. Great to see her doing great things and being a part of such a helpful, informative workshops.

  • That looked like a lot of fun! Here I thought you where just taking pictures of a tree or a really big bush or something. Here is hopping I can get down to the States and get in on the next one.
    Great video… great location…


  • Fred:
    Excellent work. Looks like you really put your heart into it.
    Look forward to more.

  • This was such a great experience!! Thank you for having me apart of it!! 🙂

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