This Week in Photography (aka TWiP)

Alex Lindsay on TWiP

Over the past several months, I’ve had the honor of being a regular on the This Week in Photography (aka TWiP) podcast. It’s been an amazing experience to hang out with, and shoot the breeze about all things photography with the likes of Scott Bourne, Ron Brinkmann, and Alex Lindsay.

Frederick on the Mic

We’ve had some amazing guests on the program, from prolific photographers to authors on many important aspects of the photographic industry. Being the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Marketing Manager of course I bring an Adobe perspective to the show. While Alex and Scott are decidedly agnostic with regard to software at this point.

It’s a fun and informative show and we generally have a blast recording it. It’s not all fun and games however as we do dive into some very topical photography related issues such as Canon vs Nikon, Lightroom vs Aperture, raw vs JPEG, and more. However, we keep things relatively light-hearted, but at times things do get a bit heated… so far to my knowledge, no one has stormed off of the “set” yet.

If you haven’t done so already, you should subscribe in iTunes, and give the show a listen.

  • Hey Frederick. Love hearing you on TWIP, been following every week since the start. You guys are great and I love the show each and every week.

    Keep up the great work.

    One thing, I think could be improved overall is more pictures from you guys. I have had a hard time finding links to flickr pages for all of you guys and it’s frustrating to say the least, I think if on TWIP you guys had a page dedicated to the hosts photography and pictures it would be of use to everyone.


  • Aloha Frederick,

    Thanks for the shout out on this week’s TWiP. I’m humbled and honored to have been an inspiration. You are heavily inspiring me towards a D3! 🙂


  • Frank Wise

    I am a TWIP junkie, I listen every week and replay the same pod cast several times while running on the beach. Great show and I know you are out numbered LR to Aperture

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  • I got into TWIP late in the piece but now it’s playing on my iPhone on the drive to and from work. I love the banter between the crew. Sure there are technical and informative aspects to the show but providing that lounge type discussion to the show really gives it some warmth and fun.

    It’s like the Top Gear of Photography.

    P.S. Love your laugh Fred, very catchy.

  • TWiP, looks pretty cool, its nice to have such knowledgeable guys behind the mic. Keep it up!