Steve Simon – Photojournalist

Steve Simon, born in Montreal Canada – and now a resident of New York City is one of the busiest photographers I know. He’s created an impressive body of work that can be viewed on his website, and looking at his work you’ll see that he is one of those photographers that always seems to be “in it”. He’s a true photojournalist, and seems to be willing to put himself in harms way to get the story.

Steve has published several books, including a favorite of mine Heroines & Heroes: Hope, HIV and Africa. I had the honor of sitting down with Steve for a few minutes last week in San Francisco to record this video.

Steve is also a regular guest with me on the This Week in Photography podcast, and it was great to have this informal off-air conversation with him.

  • Great interview…Steve is a true photojournalist! Appreciate your terrific content on this blog! I like his take on social media and not burning out his followers with things that aren’t nuggets of good info.

    HEY…he is coming to Maine 🙂

    Get out there and shoot!

  • Great interview!! Steve is so cool; love listening to him every week on TWIP (BTW, now I am going to have a visual too). 😉

  • Interesting and relaxed interview, and well done on hosting Twip this week (last week)… er! last one I listened to.


  • I love that you are posting all of the videos, especially including people from TWIP. So much useful information in each video. Keep them coming.

  • Deborah Friedrichs

    Enjoyed learning more about Steve’s philosophy. His experience traveling to and through Africa gave me much more insight of a traveling photojournalist. Video interviewing really gives a much more informative dimension of the person then just a typed message. Thanks for doing this.

  • Thanks Frederick for doing this interview, and thanks to Steve also. I have a great deal of respect for you guys and the entire TWiP team. What an awesome time we live in that people can share so easily our experiences and knowledge.


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