Nicole Young – iStockphoto Contributor

Nicole Young is an excellent example of a next-generation stock photographer. She is a regular contributor to iStockphoto and has seen some impressive revenue generated from her images. 

She is refreshingly humble and open about her work, and was eager to share tips, techniques, and encouragement for other photographers considering the micro-stock arena.

  • Thank you for the tips, Nicole. Great interview, Frederick!

  • Very informative video Fred. I’ve always been curious about iStock. Happy Holidays.

  • Thanks a lot for your video interviews, Fred! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  • Another great interview. Very very informative. Thanks for posting it.

  • Steve Morton

    Great interview, thanks for putting it on line.

    I’ve been looking for a European based equivalent of iStock, does anyone know of one?


  • @Steve – Anyone, from any country, can upload to iStock (as far as I know at least … there might be some exceptions). There are several European iStock contributors so it’s entirely possible to use and contribute to iStock from where you are.


  • @Nicole Young: You got me uploading again to iStock…… Still getting rejected like crazy, but it is for sure a good learning experience. Any advice on tagging or categorizing?

    Great informative interesting talk on TWIP by the way.

  • @nicole how do you we follow you on twitter?

    • Sean – this is prboably one of the most useful tools I have ever seen for a buyer. Thank you!

  • @bradyo – You can follow me here:

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    Nicole Young is an excellent example of a next-generation inventory photographer. She is a frequent factor to iStockphoto and has seen some amazing income produced from her pictures.

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