Michael Adams – Son of Ansel Adams

An up-close and personal conversation with Michael Adams, son of legendary photographer Ansel Adams. 

In this brief interview, Michael and I discuss what it was like growing up as the son of one of the worlds most prolific and respected photographers. Michael’s background is very interesting on its own – having been a physician, Air Force General, and a fighter pilot, it seems the Adams’ family produces some pretty over-achieving genes!

  • Interesting interview. Thank you.

  • Great interview. Very relaxed. Loved the “Mac or PC guy” question. You should post more interviews like this.

  • Great interview!!!


  • Excellent interview. Michael is a great man in his own right. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  • I really enjoy your shooting style (used to be a pro shooter, now in tech). No-muss, no-fuss. What do you shoot with? Do you use external mics?

  • Harold Berninghausen

    what is going to happen to the “footage” of this interview and of the house? it would be nice to have this available for download…

  • Col R.A Preciado

    I was Michael A Adams Operation Officer in the 4th Fighter Wing,334thFighter Squadron, Chitose Air Base, Hokkaido, Japan in August 1955. Have been unable to find any means
    of contact for a ‘Blast from the Past’ Can any one help??