Merkley??? – Artist, Blogger, Flickr-er

Merkley is one of the most popular photographers on Flickr, with over 17,000 contacts, and millions of photo views, he’s a real testament to how digital imaging technology has changed the way we consume photography. The last time I sat down and had a chat with Merkley he told me if it wasn’t for Photoshop and Flickr none of this (his photography) would have been possible.

In talking with Merkley, one of the things that impresses me is the his total disregard for his tools. He’s more focused on the end result than how he got there. As you’ll see in the video, having the most expensive camera doesn’t necessarily make you a great artist.

Much of Merkleys work is done with a simple point-and-shoot camera — and Photoshop of course.

  • Awesome video Frederick! I follow Merkley on Flickr, and love his images, but have always assumed (from all the contacts, image views and press he receives) that he might have a big ego. He really seems like a down to earth guy! Make me like his work all that much more!

  • Extremely entertaining. Talented, funny dude. I got a little motion sick, but that’s just me – I took a dramamine and watched it again. Peace, -JLG

  • awesome interview, awesome dude!
    just erlier when we mailed I was going to ask yu when your next video will be out, then I forgot. 🙂
    as always great!

  • I definately thought he would have a big head, but he’s a really cool dude!

    Thanks for the interview!

  • Thanks Fredrick that was cool. Always appreciate good artists especially with personality.

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  • Great interview, thanks!

  • Stella Blass

    Is Dave Merkley still a Mormon?

    Why didn’t you ask more questions about his process? How he finds his models? Where he gets his props? Does his beard ever get caught in any part of the set?

    Oh, little Davey. You’re big time, now, aren’t you. You’ve come a long way since BYU.

  • Stella,
    I’m way big time, how else would I be on Frederick’s blog?

    as for your other suggestions, i just did a long interview that addresses them.

    also, a quick googling of your name reveals that you have lot’s of suggestions for people on how they could do things better. might be time to start some kind of your own project where anonymity doesn’t play so much a factor. 🙂

    just sayin….

    • I was wieonrdng also, and this seems to have put that notion to bed! Oh well, there’s always barber college. (RIP Patrick)

  • don’t get caught zinging the blog author in the comments thread of a blog post for fear of being googled by the subject of said blog post…

    don’t get caught zinging a fellow commenter when it ain’t your business in the first place….

    don’t get caught imitating someone you admire because it sounds stupid after all???

    still, a great video interview. i wish i had a great composition of a naked girl with groceries to follow this comment, but i digress.

  • MoonHermit

    If there were more peeps like Merkley in the world, all of us would be much, much better off. Wonder if he would be willing to conduct some workshops.

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