Matt Kloskowski – Photographer, Educator, Author

At the recent Photoshop World Expo in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Kloskowski from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Along with Scott Kelby, Matt produces a weekly online video containing great Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom tips and tricks. Matt is also a highly sought-after educator, and has authored several books on the topic of photography — his latest being “Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature“.

In this interview, Matt and I sit down to chat about his photography, Lightroom, and more. Matt shares some tips on how to manage photos in Lightroom, features he’d like to see in future versions, and what his favorite new feature in Lightroom 2 is.

  • Kevin

    That was an amazing interview, Fred. And I was impressed by the quality of the video from your camera. 🙂

  • Hi Fred,

    Just noticed itunes was downloading the video of matt, but the file is over a gigabyte long – is that right?

    Thanks, Rob.

  • This was a fantastic Interview! Really enjoyed it Fred!!

  • Good stuff as usual! Thanks Frederick…the G9 did just fine 🙂

  • Great interview Fred! Keep’em coming!

  • Hey Fred,
    Thanks for interviewing me! That G9 really does a great job.

    Matt K

  • man! frederick! AWESOME again! I was already missing your great vids. and matt is so awesome! good choice. I actually just signed on over at kelby training and photography mentor and just love matts lightroom training videos over at kelby training. so awesome! FTW guys! FTW!

  • Love these video interviews; the G9 did an amazing job can hardly wait to see what you can do with a D90 :-).

  • tim

    Great interview
    Really enjoyed it

  • Nice one Fred, The interview was cool, but the view of the room made it!

    Personally I’m looking forward to getting the 5D Mk II for the video option. I’m not a videographer, but I’d still like to be able to shoot video without dragging extra gear along!

    V. cool!

  • Andy Chelini

    Matt, maybe for a tutorial in Killer tips
    I have an important document that was shredded by mistake (small squares). I spread the pieces face down on a flatbed scanner.
    On top of the pieces I put a matte black piece of paper ( for contrast) and scanned.
    In photoshop I selected, and put each small piece onto its own layer. So each layer had a small piece of paper on a transparent background.
    I’m trying to unite the pieces back to their original state in Photoshop.
    Problem: When I rotate one of the images on a layer in FREE TRANSFORM it gets distorted also with the Rotate command. I have seen many tutorials on Free Transform, tried everything, have a good idea how to use it…I think….but it doesnt work (CS3)

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