– Helping Photographers Flash the Web

One of the many problems facing photographers today is the necessity of having a slick looking website, however most shooters lack the skill-set (or desire) to get into the “weeds” of building a site reflective of themselves. We’re long past the age where having a website is optional, today it is imperative that every photographer who intends to do any level of serious business on the Internet has a web presence that reflects both their art and skill, while also providing a way for potential clients and customers to get to know and contact them. Easier said than done.

liveBooks logohas been around for several years now — their main goal is to help build websites that reflect Photographers’ craft and artisanship. The problem facing the liveBooks is that their audience is faced with a sophisticated problem, that is, creating a website that’s beautiful and functional while remaining flexible enough to allow the owner to keep it up-to-date and fresh. When you’ve got ISO, F/Stops, raw, etc, who wants to deal with CSS, Flash, HTML, CMS, FTP, and browser compatibility?

…a little known fact is that liveBooks sites have mirroring HTML counterparts to optimize SEO and to help make them Google-friendly.

Like I said, it’s a sophisticated problem but this isn’t to say the audience isn’t sophisticated, they’d just rather be out taking photographs and building their businesses than dealing with the complexities and the code behind designing a competitive website. liveBooks aim to take away the pain of deploying a professional web presence by essentially acting as the outsourced graphic design and web development firm for the photographers who hire them.

John Philpin is the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, and in this interview he talks about some of the problems facing photographers today, how a new pricing structure deals with many of the cost objections photographers have voiced. We also discuss how they’re spending the $5 million they just took from investors, and what’s next for the company in terms of priorities.

If you’re at all interested in learning about liveBooks, definitely check out their website — after listening to this interview.