John Nack – Photoshop Principal Product Manager

Along with managing one of the most popular software products of all time, John Nack, Adobe Photoshop‘s Principal Product Manager, is also a blogging pioneer at Adobe Systems, Inc.

Having paved the way for folks like, well, me to blog and otherwise participate in public forums he has helped lift the curtain on the sometimes “mysterious” Adobe to reveal that the company is actually NOT staffed by droids — but rather human beings. At some “other” companies, blogging is expressly forbidden, so the fact that blogging is encouraged at Adobe is very refreshing.

In this video, John talks about what’s next for Adobe Photoshop, the future of digital imaging, and of course his sometimes controversial (but always informative) blog.

What if instead of giving you yet another way to do the same thing, what if we gave you the right way?

John is one of the most committed bloggers I’ve ever met, sometimes publishing multiple times a day. Remember, he also has a day job (and a family). It’s almost like he serves as a human RSS filter for legions of creatives. To get your “Nack-filtered” look at the creative world, just point your browser to:

Adobe Photoshop clearly has a bright future (and I’m not just saying that). Creative people everywhere can rest easy knowing that John Nack is on watch.

  • I have to say that John Nack makes me feel much better about the future of Photoshop. The man is hands-down one of the most credible bloggers anywhere.

  • Ken

    I read Jack with a Nack all the time.

    Did not know how ugly he is, lol……..

    Jack’s my hero who really connects with adobe nuts like me

    ken in kentucky

    age 62, started doing pro work at my age, I know, It’s not my fault, It’s a potty training issue

  • Great interview. It’s always enjoyable to learn more about great bloggers and you can’t go wrong with John. He’s one of the best reads online. I look forward to more of your excellent interviews.

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  • I really respect the thoughtful way John Nack approaches the Photoshop product. Clearly Adobe puts a lot of faith in him, placing their flagship product in his hands. I hope they pay him a heckuva lot.

  • In terms of giving users on the tools they need – you could opt for a user type drop down from the menu so it would give that particular user (retoucher, illustrator, compositor etc.) the most likely tools they will need (somehow highlighted and at the forefront) and some how putting the secondary tools still within reach (and all other tools buried in the menus). You can see the infancy of this when you install programs like Dreamweaver as it asks you up front if you want the designer’s layout or the coder’s layout (for working). As John said in the Video – way easier said then done – but what a great problem to solve! Great video Frederick. No, I didn’t think R2D2 or CP30 worked at Adobe (droid reference) unless you’re hiding something from me! And if you’re hiding Yoda there I wouldn’t be surprised 😀

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  • ron

    As said before, John Nack makes me feel better about the future of Photoshop great days are coming..

  • Is there a way I can get in touch with Adobe, and talk to a human? My laptop died and now I can’t load Photoshop on my new laptop without purchasing a new copy. I have burnt hours and hours on hold trying to talk to someone…..David Gould