Jim Heid – Author, Photographer, Flickr-er

As far as I know, there is no bigger fan of Apple’s iLife software than Jim Heid. He’s a self-described poster child for the software and has been using it since pre iLife, when there was only iMovie. Jim is also the author of the extremely popular book entitled The Macintosh iLife. I met Jim during my time at Apple and we became good friends, mainly because we’re both pretty rabid about Apple software, though we disagree on one or two points.

Jim and his standard poodle and mascot, Sophie, divide their time between San Francisco and the rugged coast of Mendocino, California. On most Wednesday evenings, he co-hosts “Point & Click Radio,” a weekly computer radio show, which you can listen to here.

You can pick up the book from your favorite book reseller, or get it directly from the publisher. Jim is currently putting the finishing touches on the 2009 revision to the book that will cover the new features we discuss in this video. It should be available in May.

You can check out Jim’s very active Flickr stream here.

  • I don’t have enough people following me on TWITTER to get the question answered about how one might to use Aperture and iPhoto. Glad I found this video post on the subject.

  • Imovie, Iphoto, Aperture? Most of the ‘great’ features (video editing, face recognition, export direct to flickr and facebook and picasaweb) are in Picasa3, which nobody seems to mention. The features may not all be quite as developed, features like IS and the smart tagging aren’t here yet but having almost everything in one piece of software is a massive bonus to me.

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