Hanging Out with Conan Obrien

I had a blast participating in a Google+ Hangout with comedian Conan O’Brien. This was the first time I’ve ever had a chance to actually “interact” with a celebrity comedian and it was fun. Conan seems like a talented, yet complex dude.

Conan O’Brien on Wikipedia
Team Coco

  • That’s quite cool! It’s nice to see you got some face time with him. What a great hang out it proved to be – are there any events like this happening in the future?

  • Jeveret Powell

    Very, very funny

  • jaime

    Frederick, that was hilarious!

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  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    Very cool, how did you get connected with Conan?

  • So cool , I loved it… even thou I live in europe in another context ! 🙂

  • Patrick

    That was really fun to watch. Though not sure the Conan hair is really you. 😉
    Patrick (@Patrick_Leger)

  • Accountants in Manchester

    lol – ha! fantastic!

  • Steve Graham

    That guy just creeps me out.