Gravity in Ambient Flight

I recently did some remodeling to my home and wanted some art (other than photography) to put on the walls. I wanted a piece that reflected my personality, you know – kind of whacky, colorful, and oh yea, it had to have an element of photography in it.

A friend of mine recommended an artist with whom he’d become familiar in Arizona. He introduced us over Facebook, and after trading a few messages she began work on my piece. I have never met this woman, and I believe we’ve only spoken on the phone one time.

In her own words, here is her creative process:

I create paintings with a combination of watercolor, India ink and hard pastel. My process has evolved from my earlier love of an illustrative and sketched style. Now, I sometimes sketch several thumbnails in advance of a painting, and other times the paint leads the way without any advance thought.

In the case of “Gravity in Ambient Flight”, I created a series of thumbnail studies, then pieced them together for the final idea. Of course, all along the way, I am totally open to suggestion from the “creative verve”. It has been a wonderful experience creating a painting specifically for you, keeping in mind a theme open to the essence of photography.

One art meeting another. The dichotomy of observation vs. participation. There is a story in this painting, but I think it is now up to you to finish it.

One of the original sketches:

The final painting is currently at a frame shop, I’ll post a photo of it hanging in a week or so.

What story do YOU see in the finished painting? Please comment!!

You can check out more of Charmagne Coe’s work here:


  • Michelle

    Wow, Where are you going to put it?

    Did I mention, wow? My favorite part is the eye in the middle….

  • WoW… That is really unique and quite lovely!
    Reminds me of our time diving in Hawaii!

  • Wonderful painting. I like the colors very much.

  • Tom


    I think there should be a wine social/gathering to welcome it into your new home. I’d love to come see it in person. Charmagne Coe’s work is truly awesome, and I’m so glad you two met. Some day very soon, I’ll have my own place worthy of commissioning a work from her.


  • Donna

    I see Jonah and the big fish in the center and witnesses of the human and amphibian kind watching the scene unfold. The story of the witnesses will be told for generations to come.


  • wow… those are GORGEOUS dude

  • adriana

    getting a gracious ride from a whale..nice!!!!

  • Corey Fisher

    Two thoughts popped into my head.

    Circ du Soleil & Mardi Gras

  • kelco

    rad. looks like a Ralph Steadman koi fish about to eat the little prince. can’t wait to see the real deal.

  • The story I see is three women at high tea

  • Toe-Knee

    The above painting (color) is gorgeous and does speak to my personality too. I hope the artist (whom you did not mentione the name) does variations on the same theme.

    The first painting reminds me of the work of Gregory Colbert in Ashes & Snow. here’s the link to the photos taken at one of his exhibitions: (go to image # 4)

    The sketch reminds me of the story of Moby Dick, but Abe has a BFG and ready to blast the whale away. maybe an allegory of what the humans are doing to the planet.