David duChemin – Visionmonger

I recently had the honor of sitting down to record this audio interview (via Skype) with author/photographer David duChemin. David is one of those “next generation” photographers that “gets it”. He is fluent in the latest and greatest photographic trends, technology, social media, etc. And along with being a sickeningly talented photographer, he’s also a brilliant marketer. Wrap all of that up and you’ve got an artist who can not only create masterful visual imagery and write about it — but one that can also publsih it. He’s a one-man creative ecosystem. Click through for the full audio interview… 


His latest book “VisionMongers – Making a Life and a Living in Photography” is the most recent fruit from the “duChemin ecosystem”. It’s a very different sort of photography book… meaning it’s not a “how-to”, and it’s not a “look at all my pretty pictures” coffee table book. And honestly, it’s not even a combination of those two. It’s a book about doing what you love, loving what you’re doing, and sustaining yourself in the process. It’s a brilliant read. But warning… it’s sticky. Once you pick  it up, you may not be able to put it back down.

His official bio neatly summarizes it all: “David duChemin is a Vancouver-based international assignment photographer specializing in Humanitarian and world photography. A nomad, visionmonger, unashamed do-gooder, and sometimes author, David’s photography is online at Pixelatedimage.com. His words are available at Pixelatedimage.com/blog and in his first book, Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision.”