Dane Sanders on Fast Track Photographer

My good friend, Wedding Photographer Dane Sanders, talks about his highly anticipated new book Fast Track Photographer. We chat about the book, and the changing face of wedding photography and what it takes to break into the business, especially considering with the current market climate.

  • another good one!

    thank you fred!

    these videos have such a nice personal, or should I say intimate feeling to them that I really like!

    as I said before… keep ’em coming!


  • Thanks Teymur, they’re fun to do and share. I’m trying to keep them short, and sweet. Believe it or not, Dane Sanders actually inspired these. He had a great series last year called “Photo Minute”, shot entirely with a point and shoot camera… compelling, REAL content.

    I think there’s something approachable about “un-polished” video that makes it feel real. Especially when it’s an unedited clip.

  • Wow! Look at the amazing composition. You must have been inspired. 😀 But, who was that annoying stander-by that yelled “hi Dane”?

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  • Thanks for this Frederick. Such a great time hanging with you and the guys! I love your blog man. Always so much going on here.

    One request though, can you do something about that heckler at the end of the interview. Fans can be so annoying sometimes ;).

  • Hey Dane,

    You’re quite welcome, thanks for agreeing to let me shoot you. As for the heckler, I think that was what we Northern Californians refer to as the “Ron Bird” a distant relative to the now extinct Dodo Bird. They are indigenous to Cupertino, but on rare occasions has been seen as far north as San Francisco, and there have even been some rare sightings in Los Angeles. They are relatively harmless, but when cornered have been known to go for the throat.

  • Ken


    I like the laid back approach


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