Is the 13″ MacBook Pro (Retina) a Photographer’s Tool?

A few weeks back, Molly Wood over at C|Net invited me down to borrow a brand new 13″ MacBook Pro (Retina). The idea was that I’d put the machine through its paces — from the perspective of a professional Photographer — they wanted me to find out if it was beefy enough to put up with my abuse get the job done. Could this new machine handle Photoshop, Lightroom, and the other tools of the trade. In a word, yes.

Molly also lent me a GoPro camera with which to capture some b-roll showing how I actually used the computer in my home, etc. (Keep an eye out for the sock shot). I had a blast recording and testing this computer, it worked just fine, and the weight—or lack there-of was refreshing.

To wrap it all up, the C|Net crew accompanied me to a real live model shoot on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, with the beautiful Wanitda Choitsen (aka Nitda Cee). I downloaded the shots on-the-spot and made my selects. All from a machine that neatly fit into my little camera bag.

Watch the review to see how it all went. Spoiler, I loved the machine. So much so that I went and bought one for myself.


Wanitda Choitsen


  • _dave_

    No video for mobile? (There is a big blank space beneath the headline)
    Please paste a text hyperlink to the video.
    Huge apologies if I’m just missing it.
    Looking forward to the review.

    • Frederick Van Johnson

      It should work now… embedded via YouTube.

  • William Murphy

    I enjoyed the video but was disappointed you didn’t really talk about the retina display. I’m curious to get a photographer’s viewpoint on it’s usefulness. And as for storage you can configure this for up to 768GB of flash storage which should be more than enough for most people.

  • thanks Fredrick, you just validated my most recent purchase! It’s on order, and I should have it today!

  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    Great shot of the model, love it! You may have convinced me to look at the 13″, I was thinking 15″ as that’s what I have now but for travel . . . and if I also get the OM-D could be all I need! Thanks Frederick!

  • Trig

    I am thinking of getting a 13″ retina Macbook pro as my only computer, with an external display at home. Which configuration will you recommend for photography (Lightroom and PS)? Is 8GB ram enough or should I go for 16? And should I increase the CPU from the base 2,4?