Candy for Candids!

I met up with Photojojo CEO Amit Gupta last week in San Francisco. Check out this video to hear how he suggests convincing strangers to pose for photos. And he wasn’t kidding! There’s even a write-up on his website with tips and instructions on how to best utilize “candy for candids”.

Amit in NYCApparently Amit has a history of bribing passers-by with candy. Having recently relocated back to the Bay Area from NYC, he’s now spreading his technique for impromptu portraiture to the left coast. Here is some photographic evidence of the Lollipop Photographer in action. And it looks like this movement may be catching on.

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Oh, and here’s a link to that song???????? I was referring to in the video. Somehow I don’t think these are the Lollipops Amit was referring to.

  • Drop it like its hawt
    Drop it like its hawt…

    …Like a lollipop.

    LOL! Yeah. Guessing that’s a different kind of lollipop. Nice use of the track, though.

    Great idea. Thanks for the tip, Amit, and for sharing, Frederick. I subscribe to Photojojo, and I love it.

  • I will now have that song stuck in my head for a week. Well done, Frederick, well done.

  • I really love the idea… we already decided yesterday to this, just have to find a date where me and a buddy can go out to the streets of cologne and give it a try!

  • Candi

    What people will do for a boy with a cute smile and a lollipop. Amazing!

  • Great idea. One I look forward to replicating here in DC in front of the White House…let’s hope they don’t throw me in jail. Great post thanks for sharing Fred.

  • @Chris Bergman, tell me ’bout it. That song is now burned into my frontal lobe.

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  • Lollipops for a picture? Hope all your shots are of adults!!!
    If not, hope you can run fast.

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  • wow, how cool of an idea….I am going to steal this idea..okey dokey?

  • @Tony, I’m sure Amit won’t mind you borrowing the idea… but you should put your own twist on it somehow!

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  • Haha. I am entertained.

  • Wesewenly

    Thanks the author!