Barack Obama Speaks in San Francisco!

Ok, this is TOTALLY not photography related, but…On Wednesday, November 14th, I made my way up to San Francisco to see presidential candidate Barack Obama speak on his plans to change/save the nation. This was my first time seeing a presidential candidate in person, and I have to say it was quite an experience. Just to get in, my friend Joseph and I stood in line or hours – but for some reason it didn’t seem that bad. I think the vibe in the crowd was that this was something historic, and what difference would a few hours of inconvenience make?I didn’t have a decent camera with me… just my old Canon Digital Elph (that I carry everywhere). Joseph however, came to play… he brought along his Canon 5D and a very nice 70-200mm lens. The shots below are his… and the YouTube video is from my Elph. I figured, since he had the stills covered, I could at least grab a few moments of video/audio.I still haven’t made up my mind whom to vote for. But I can say that it felt kind of nice to see someone who looks like me, talks like me, and that’s from my hometown (Chicago) be up on stage addressing so many adoring people of varying ethnic backgrounds.At the very least, the 2008 elections will have changed American policies forever. And going forward, regardless of who wins… things can only get better (a Howard Jones reference).


Barack Obama in San Francisco

Barack Obama in San Francisco

Photos by Joseph Linaschke

  • Justin F

    Dear Joseph Linaschke,
    Sorry to be a bother but, I was one of the blessed people who got to sit behind Sen. Obama at the SF rally on Nov. 14. I was wondering if it were possible to see any of your other wonderful pictures from this great event. I saw the ones here at and they are great. You can imagine how much i am dieing to have any pictures from that awsome night.

    Please and Thank You,
    Justin Fraser