Who is Frederick Van Johnson?

Photographer, Broadcaster, Marketer

Hello, and welcome to my site. This page is all about… well, ME! I’m a Photographer, a Marketer and a Broadcaster (and a few other things). And I love doing what I do!

How I work…

  • Photography 100%
  • Marketing 80%
  • Broadcasting 65%

Host & Executive Producer – This Week in Photo (TWiP)

I am the host of the very popular podcast, This Week in Photo, also known as TWiP. It’s a show where myself and a few other photographers, or other industry professionals get together to discuss what has been happening over the past week in the world of technology, politics, art and science as they apply to photography. TWiP is a free show that we record weekly using Google+ Hangouts. Meaning you can either watch us live, watch later on YouTube, or listen to the show by subscribing on iTunes.


I’ve been shooting professionally since 1989 — that’s when I picked up my first camera. A Nikon F3. Man, I LOVED that camera. It shot film, was heavy, complicated and impressive looking. And it was just a basic camera. f-Stops, shutter speeds and ISO — that’s it. Just the basics. At the time it seemed like serious high-tech. But end even now I feel like I’ve made some of my best images with that camera. There’s something to be said about minimalism. Today, I shoot with mirror-less cameras and process my “film” in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. So, things have changed a little. And as you might discern from my Gallery, I love photographing women. Because, to me, women are the most beautiful things on Earth.


The art of marketing is near and dear to my heart. I have helped build successful marketing campaigns for fortune 100 companies like Adobe, Apple, Yahoo! and Aol. And now through Mediabytes, the company I’ve founded, I am able to bring that corporate marketing impact to individuals and creative “solo-preneurs”. Mediabytes is a synthesis of marketing, photography and communication. All distilled down to “byte-sized” bits of knowledge that are easy to “digest” by normal or non-corporate, creatives. Please do check out the site.

Founder, Mediabytes.com

I created Mediabytes as a mechanism to share my love and knowledge of marketing with other photographers and creative professionals. The purpose of the site is to provide quick and easy “byte-sized” training to those that need it most — creative professionals. Content on the site is comprised of text, video and audio tutorials that are designed to be quick and easy to digest.

Vice Chairman of the Board

I have recently joined the Board of Trustees at Brooks Institute. I currently hold the position of Vice Chairman. Located in beautiful Santa Barbara California, Brooks is the premiere learning institution for people looking to become professional photographers, cinematographers, graphic designers, and more. Brooks Institute has a tradition of over 67 years of educational excellence and commitment to preparing students for a rewarding career in the visual and media arts.

Public Speaker

One of my favorite things to do is public speaking. I’ve spoken for companies like AOL, Adobe, Apple, Panasonic, Data Robotics, and many more. When I take the stage I deliver my talks in an informal and approachable manner. Rather than presenting a ton of slides and boring content, my presentations tend to allow for much more audience participation where in the end everyone feels entertained as well as educated. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please get in touch with me using the form on my Contact page.

Photography and Marketing Coach

From time to time, and for select companies and individuals I conduct one-on-one coaching sessions on photography, marketing, business and social media. Thorough the magic (and convenience) of the Internet, I’m able to conduct these coaching sessions remotely using tools such as Skype or Google+ Hangouts. Though my calendar is typically packed, if you’re interested in working with me, please use the form on my Contact page to get in touch.

A Few Photos of Frederick

Airman Frederick Van JohnsonShooting NikonMultiple Frederick'sShooting the Golden Gate BridgeAt the White House
Frederick on MicFrederick in NYCFrederick with Google GlassFrederick InterviewingHero ready to skydive!
Frederick shooting a flowerFrederick on RoofFrederick in VestFalling at 180MPH - Terminal Velocity!Looking Up

From the Blog…

Vietnam: North to South – Day 1

My first few days in Hanoi, Vietnam have been just amazing. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, having only experienced a mostly negative portrayal of the regiion thru movies and of course the politics and horror that came from Vietnam War — they call it the “American War” here.

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