A Visit to Ansel Adams’ House

What an awesome Sunday.

I was invited down to the Ansel Adams’ house, along with Robert Scoble and Marc Sibler for a late morning visit with Michael Adams, son of Ansel Adams. Michael gave us an amazing tour of the house, the darkroom, and the gallery. What an amazing house it is, and what a permeated feeling of art that place has. You can almost feel “photography” in the wood.

Michael is amazing. Turns out we were both in the Air Force! Though he was a General, and I was an enlisted man. It was hard to fight the impulse to call him “sir”, but it’s nice to know that there was that common ground. Veterans can talk for hours about stuff. Not to mention that when I was active duty, I NEVER had the opportunity to shoot the breeze about photography with a General!

It was also great to finally meet Robert Scoble… aka the Scobelizer! Robert showed up and immediately began streaming his visit live to Qik.com, twittering, and more. He’s a social media machine! He said he’d get a blog post up later about it. It was great to get tips on blogging from one of the pioneers. He streamed the below interview LIVE to his legions of Scobelites! Wow.

The surreal thing about this visit was that as we were departing, General (ret) Michael Adams asked me if I might consider coming back down to help him learn Lightroom and Photoshop! Imagine that… the son of one of the most important names in photography asked little ‘ol me to help introduce him to the world of digital photography.

I’m going to have to just consider that a direct order

**check out the Flickr videos I snapped here.

  • DJ

    How sweet is that! If you need someone to setup your computer for the Lightroom demo I’m there! 😀

  • Vishy

    Nice post, Fred. Didn’t realize you are rebranding yourself as Frederick 🙂 It’ll take some getting used to…

  • Hey Vishy… not so much of a re-branding as just using my proper given name. Plus “Frederick” just sounds better than “Fred” to me. If memory servers, isn’t your full name “Vishwanath”?! 😉

  • Frederick,

    Thanks for joining us, it was indeed an honor to be in Ansel’s home and get the feel for the environment he woke up to and worked in daily. I appreciate your talking about how the analog world of photography (while standing in Ansel’s darkroom) has made it to the digital world.

    I’m very fortunate to be able to lead our viewers on this amazing journey and give them access to places they wouldn’t otherwise ever see. Stay tuned for more.

    I want to join in your class (and video it) with Michael!



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  • Aloha Fred,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Many people will never have the opportunity to be in Ansel Adam’s home and appreciate it for the mecca it is for photographers. I hope to make it there some day. 🙂


  • Karen Dorst

    I am so glad you were able to join this event. I am jealous…would have so loved to be there. Very exciting about your collaboration.