Your Photo Backup Blueprint – Part 1

Backup Blueprint: Introduction Have you felt it yet? That sinking feeling that comes when you realize all of your eggs are effectively in one basket? I’m talking about your “digital eggs”. If you’re like most folks, you have all of your precious photos of friends, family, and if you’re a pro even your client work stored one one rickety hard drive. And here’s the scary thing, YOUR-DRIVE-WILL-FAIL. It doesn’t matter which hard drive you buy, how much, or how little data you store on it… or even if you baby it by running drive maintenance software on it regularly. Hard drives are mechancial devices that have moving parts… parts that over time will wear out, and break. And if you ┬áhaven’t taken measures to safeguard your data with a multi-faceted backup plan, when your drive dies — it will take your data with it. Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems The really screwed up thing is that this problem isn’t getting any better for most people. If you’re an active digital photographer, you’re creating more data than ever before. Especially since companies like Nikon and Canon are producing cameras capable of shooting higher and higher megapixel count images, not to mention the space hogging high-definition video files that are becoming all the rage. Add to all of this your documents, email, software, music, TV shows, etc, and you have a recipe for a *really* bad (and expensive) day when all of that stuff goes “poof”. Forming a Strategy Now that I’ve defined the problem (and probably scared the crap out of you), let’s talk about solutions. It’s not really rocket science...

The Golden Gate Bridge in HDR

Thanks to some inspiration from Trey Ratcliff after interviewing him for TWiP, and reading his book A World in HDR, I decided to see what all the fuss is about and give this technique a try for myself.

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I have several really good photography books on my desk that I either have multiples of, or have already finished reading. So, in the spirit of holiday giving, I’d like to give four of them away! So how do you get one? – Helping Photographers Flash the Web

John Philpin is the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, and in this interview he talks about some of the problems facing photographers today, how a new pricing structure deals with many of the cost objections photographers have voiced.

2 Models + 100 Photographers = Fun

The last TWiP/SmugMug event was a smashing success. The previous two photo shoots I organized were sold out, and as I was conducting the last event, I noticed that the attendees *really* wanted to shoot too — but I was hogging the model.