17 Amazing Photographer Interviews from 2009

What an amazing year 2009 was. I had the privilege of interviewing some of the most talented people in the photography industry. In the series of interviews below you’ll hear from; Flickr mavens, stock photography experts, photojournalists, commercial photographers, authors, and more. My thanks to all of the folks who allowed me to interrogate them in 2009… and I’m looking forward to doing many more interviews in 2010!

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1. Alex Lindsay — CEO, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

Alex LindsayAlex Lindsay is the head-honcho at PixelCorps in San Francisco, and hosts several popular podcasts like This Week in Technology (TWiT), This Week in Photography (TWiP), MacBreak, and more. In this interview Alex discusses how he got his start, his work on Star Wars, and his early work in podcasting. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Alex, here’s your chance. Watch the interview here.

2. Steve Simon — Photojournalist

Steve SimonSteve Simon, born in Montreal Canada – and now a resident of New York City is one of the busiest photographers I know. He’s created an impressive body of work that can be viewed on his website, and looking at his work you’ll see that he is one of those photographers that always seems to be “in it”. He’s a true photojournalist, and seems to be willing to put himself in harms-way to get the story. After listening to this interview, be sure to head over to his blog… and be prepared to be blown away. Watch the interview here.

3. Jim Heid – Author, Photographer, Flickr-er

Jim HeidThere is no bigger fan of Apple’s iLife software than Jim Heid. He’s a self-described poster child for the software, and has been using it since the pre iLife days, when there was only iMovie. Jim is also the author of the extremely popular book entitled The Macintosh iLife. I met Jim during my time at Apple, and we became good friends, mainly because we’re both pretty rabid about Apple software, though we still healthily disagree on one or two points. And in this second interview with Jim Heid, we discuss how he got into the publishing business, and what sequence of events led him to create this very popular and somewhat de-facto guide to all things iLife. We also dive into what makes this book different, and his overall philosophy behind computer-related instructional books. Watch the interview here.

4. Joseph Linaschke – Photographer

Joseph LinaschkeIn this interview, my good friend Joseph Linaschke and I have a quick chat about some of the cool projects he currently working on – including being signed as the official photographer for Seal’s upcoming European tour. I’ve known Joseph for several years now, and among his many talents (Photographer, Foodie, world traveler) he’s always been a good and loyal friend. We sat down for this interview during his last evening in San Jose, CA. He needed to crash in my guest room as he’d just vacated his place, and was in transit to his new home in Pasadena. Watch the interview here.

5. Liana Lehua – Back in Action

Liana LehuaAfter dropping out of sight for several months, Liana Lehua, photographer, blogger, writer and host of GirlsGoneGeek has reemerged. As it turns out, she’s been dealing with HIV/AIDS, and over the past year or so has been working to get things under control in order to continue doing cool things. But now she’s back, in full force. And though she’s still recovering and working to get her T-cell count back into a safe range, she’s been extremely active, and has even started a new blog for Californians afflicted with HIV/AIDS to help with instruction on how to get free, and low cost, healthcare services. Watch the interview here.

6. Katrin Eismann — The Photoshop Diva

Katrin EismannAs an internationally recognized artist, author, and educator, Katrin Eismann has been involved with digital imaging tools since 1989. She regularly teaches creatives about the latest tools and techniques of digital imaging and the impact they have on creative professionals. She’s author of several books on digital imaging such as The Creative Digital Darkroom, Photoshop Restoration & Retouching as well as several online titles on KelbyTraining.com. Listen to the interview here.

7. Chase Jarvis – Photographer

Chase JarvisYou’ve probably already come across Chase Jarvis‘ name if you follow photography movers and shakers. His clients include Microsoft, Volvo, Reebok, Nike, and REI just to name a few. I was able to grab a few moments of his time to talk about how he managed to come so far, in such a short period of time. Chase also revealed and discussed for the very FIRST TIME his new book with Peachpit Press “The Best Camera“, as well as his brand new iPhone application – “Best Camera“. Listen to the interview here.

8. Jim Collins & Simon Anderson – Pictage.com

Pictage ExecsFounded in 2000 Pictage.com has seen their fair share of drama over its nearly 10 year life. The company has risen to become – arguably the leading lab in the wedding and portrait photography industry. And now serving more than 8,000 professional photographers nationwide, Pictage aims to be a one-stop-shop for both new photographers looking to start small businesses, and even more established businesses. They’re targeting photographers that want to offload online viewing, selling, printing, and email marketing to the Pictage staff. Listen to the interview here.

9. Scott Bourne – Lightroom Too?

Scott BourneNever one to shy away from controversy, Scott Bourne’s latest move continues to be fully in-character. Scott has been the “poster child” for Apple’s Aperture software, and even went so far to lead the Aperture Nature Photography Workshops. But all that seemingly came to a screeching halt when a few weeks ago Scott blogged about embracing Lightroom “too”. And even gave detailed instruction on how to transfer Aperture projects into Lightroom. Listen to the interview here.

10. Natalie Dybisz – Photographic Artist

Natalie DybiszNatalie’s work is amongst the most viewed on Flickr and each photo sparks a full-on and sometimes heated discussion in the comments. Many have accused Natalie of using her gender, or her “good-looks” as a means to success, however in the end, we are all artist — and can only be judged by the work we produce. Regardless of the “hows” or “whys” behind her work, there’s no question that it is exemplary. My guest in this post is Natalie Dybisz (“Debish”) aka Miss Aniela. She’s an artist who in many ways defies categorization – though many have tried. She has accomplished an amazing amount in her career… especially since she just started a few years ago, including landing Microsoft as a client, and having her work appear on the cover of American Photo magazine. Listen to the interview here.

11. Chris Orwig – Photographer, Author, Educator

Chris OrwigIn this interview Chris and I talk about how he got started in photography, what inspires him, as well as how to stay creative in your own work. Chris’ latest book Visual Poetry: A Creative Guide for Making Engaging Digital Photographs was recently released and having read it, it’s one of his best yet. Chris is one of those photographers that interweaves the art of image-making into his everyday life. He walks the walks, and talks the talk… all the while photographing, and documenting the world around him. In this interview we get into the “why” behind his creative mind-set. Another noteworthy item about Chris is he was recently “bitten” by the Twitter bug and cranked up his @ChrisOrwig account. He now has almost 1,000 followers! Listen to the interview here.

12. Jeff Schewe – Photographer, Author, Consultant

Jeff ScheweJeff Schewe is a feature consultant and alpha and beta tester for Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and you’ll find his name amongst the credits. He has also held the title of President of the Advertising Photographers of America (APA). I cornered Jeff after one of his talks at Photoshop World in Las Vegas and got him to agree to tell all in this quick, but informative conversation. He’s a feature consultant and alpha and beta tester for Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and you’ll find his name amongst the credits. He has also held the title of President of the Advertising Photographers of America (APA). Listen to the interview here.

13. Rich Legg – iStockphoto Photographer

Rich LeggI sat down with iStockphoto.com contributor Rich Legg during Photoshop World in Vegas last month to chat about what his processes and techniques are for being so successful in this business. Rich also offers some great tips for standing out from the crowd when considering what subject matter to shoot. If you’re not familiar with “microstock”, in short it’s the reinvention of the traditional stock photography business. Companies like iStockphoto are attempting (sucessfully) to democratize the business by allowing photographers to submit images to be reviewed and possibly placed in the database for sale. And if sold, the photographer gets a cut of the overall sales. The “micro” in the phrase comes from the fact that the photos typically sell for a fraction of what traditional stock photography houses would charge – bringing money to folks that wouldn’t ordinarily get paid for their shots, and bringing photography “on the cheap” to businesses with tight budgets. Listen to the interview here.

14. Joey Lawrence – Commercial Photographer

Joey LawrenceAt 19 years old, Joey Lawrence (aka Joey L.) already has already built up an enviable career. Hailing from Canada, Joey now lives in New York city but travels the globe taking photographs for clients like Warner Brothers Records, Forbes, NBC, the Scifi Channel, Kawasaki, as well as the Twilight movie ad campaign. And he’s only just getting started. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you probably have already seen his work. Joey photographed the ad campaign for the hit movie “Twilight”. In this interview Joey and I talk about the Twilight shoot, as well as how he got his start in photography, how he was able to break into the “big time” so quickly. He goes into his thought processes when coming up concepts for his commercial photography gigs. Listen to the interview here.

15. David duChemin – Visionmonger

David duCheminDavid duChemin is one of those “next generation” photographers that “gets it”. He is fluent in the latest and greatest photographic trends, technology, social media, etc. And along with being a sickeningly talented photographer, he’s also a brilliant marketer. Wrap all of that up and you’ve got an artist who can not only create masterful visual imagery and write about it — but one that can also publish it. He’s a one-man creative ecosystem. Listen to the interview here.

16. Moose Peterson – Wildlife Photographer

Moose PetersonAlong with being on the front lines as a working shooter, Moose Peterson also helps shape the industry as a Nikon “Legend behind the Lens”, a member of the Lexar Elite, and recipient of the John Muir Conservation award, to name just a few of his credits. As longtime Nikon shooter, he was one of the first photographers to receive the original Nikon D1 in 1999, and he became the first wildlife photographer to shoot strictly digital in the early years of the technology. I ask Moose some pretty pointed questions in regards to the necessity of upgrading to the “latest and greatest” Nikon gear, in particular the new 70-200mm VRII lens. His response may surprise you. Listen to the interview here.

17. John Philpin – liveBooks.com

John PhilpinChief Marketing Officer of liveBooks.com, John Philpin talks about some of the problems facing photographers today, how he’s hoping their new pricing structure will solve with many of the cost objections photographers have voiced. We also discuss how they’re spending the $5 million they just took from investors, and what’s next for the company in terms of priorities. Listen to the interview here.